Welcome one and all back to another thrilling adventure in my life in Korea! Today, I will give you a small snippet into my day with friends going to Seoul Forest and “Han Creek” (not to be confused with the not as famous Han River).

Imagine with me for a moment, waking up early in the morning and getting dressed in your best spring attire ready to tackle the day and take beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms (peaceful right?). Then, you join your friends at the usual meet-up spot to head out for the day. Upon arrival, everyone is so full of energy and ready to get the perfect Instagrammable pictures. SUDDENLY, the day takes a turn for the worse and it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Well let’s focus on that part of the story because who doesn’t love the drama?

First off, the day was actually pretty nice. We all got cute pictures and the cherry blossoms were a true beauty to see!

BUT, the real show started after we picked up our chicken and decided to head to Han Riv… excuse me HAN CREEK. By this point, it had already been a decent amount of time since the last time many of us had eaten. So, as you would expect, people are quite hangry. 6 hangry people on their way to a place they don’t exactly know is of course a great combination right? WRONG, SO WRONG!!!

After a few wrong turns, mistaken paths, and random highway later, noone is coherently thinking or communicating (the hangriness didn’t help either). We finally decide to give it one last try and lo and behold (drum roll please…) WE MADE IT!!! to Han Creek… Now you may be thinking to yourself, what in the world is Han Creek? Well, same. We found a very small body of water flowing through and under this bridge area that also had benches and spots to sit. And after the day we were having, we just had to settle for this so we could eat. But, guess what 🙂 as a cherry on top, we sit down only to realize that the restaurant entered our order in incorrectly!!! We ordered two boxes of chicken, 1 boneless and 1 bone-in, yet only got bone-in. This may not sound bad but to me and Michelle (my boneless queen) this was basically salt in our already deep wounds. It was fine though after that because everyone got food and started to lighten up (well it was good for us at least).

Little did we know, we would be getting dinner and a show. We witnessed a live K-Drama unfold before our eyes as a couple sitting on a bench mere feet away from us seemed to be having a breakup. We weren’t close enough to actually hear what they were saying (and honestly I don’t know if any of our Korean comprehension skills would be able to help anyway) but we decided to narrate the whole situation from our point of view. It seemed as if one of them had either cheated or done something as bad and the other was either really mad to the point where they showed no emotion or they were the cheater and started gaslighting the other party into being sad. Either way, something was going bad. However, like most lovey-dovey dramas, they resolved their problems by the end and walked into the sunlight. A truely beautiful work that almost brought tears to our eyes. 😢

Footage of me and Michelle giving cheers with wine glasses of coke as this unfolds

Reaching the end of this drama, we decided that it was also the end of our journey for the day as well and decided to return home. And with that, this concluded this mini-adventure to Seoul Forest and Han Creek (highly recommended). See you next time where I will be talking about my experience taking midterms in Korea. 잘가!

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