I still don’t know how I even survived

Duh duh duh! Another look into my experience living in Korea. As of this week, I have finished all my midterms and shall be giving a peek into what that was like.

To start, I think midterms here were both not as bad but also not as good as midterms back home. It wasn’t so bad because I only have 3 classes this semester and 2 of them are Korean language courses. However, that doesn’t mean that it was just quick in and out (no no that would be too simple).

My first exam was for my Premodern History course. It was on the first Monday and was not too stressful. I am not going to lie, sometimes I think I am completely lost and don’t understand what’s going on in lecture. However, after the review session, I felt better about my ability to take the test. It went fairly well in my opinion and then I only had to prepare for my Korean exams (which turned out to be more than I expected).

For some reason, even though we have 3 hours every class period, we had to split the midterm over many class periods (which may seem like a delightful thing because you can space your studying but when there are technical difficulties and so many parts, it becomes more of a hassle). My 1st Korean class had a speaking test and then a grammar/listening test. I had to describe a pasta recipe in Korean for the speaking test and may I just say, I suck at giving cooking instructions clearly in English so this was in no way a fun time. However, I got it over and prepared for the next day. The grammar section wasn’t bad at all, but the professor had troubles playing the audio for the listening so we had to postpone the test for another week 🙃 FUN FUN FUN! Listening is not my best skill so this part was a lot harder, but I got through it (even if I wanted to jump off a bridge afterwards).

For my other Korean class, which is supposed to be harder but really seemed easier, we had a speaking test as well, a grammar test, and then a listening/writing test. This speaking test was a conversation with a partner (which is what I am used to from my Korean class back home) and then we had to answer questions that the professor asked after. And just my luck, I had to talk about yet another recipe and this time I didn’t have time to prepare one, so I just decided to greatly simplify how to make pork chops and gravy with rice. Again, the grammar test was quite simple as well. The writing section went well as one of our professors gave us “hints” about the topic and told us that looking over our homework written assignments would “be helpful” as the test would be “similar”. We had a number of listening passages, but it seemed easier than the other class since we had the opportunity to listen to the dialouges twice (something that I will never take for granted because I have to ask people to repeat themselves a lot when they’re speaking in English…). Nonetheless, I got through it and finished my exams!

We have until June before our finals and I am just planning to enjoy my time without exams for these upcoming weeks. Also, I get to celebrate with the premiere of the new Doctor Strange 2 movie this upcoming week featuring the goddess herself Scarlet Witch!!! I’ll be watching it with friends in 4D, so you already know what my next blog post will be about 👀 See you then!

Again, just look at the material 😍

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