You spin my head (and the rest of me) right round

Well would you look at that, another look into my life in Korea! Today, I’ll be talking about the long-awaited (or at least for me) post about watching my first 4D movie in Korea, and ever. More importantly, it was Doctor Strange 2 aka Scarlet Witch ended everyone’s favs for 2 hours. Here, there will not be major spoilers so read comfortably if you have not seen it yet (but if you haven’t seen it yet, why are you here GO WATCH IT).

So, as you may have read in previous posts, it’s no secret that I was excited for this movie to release to see the Scarlet Witch grace my eyes again and it definitely did not disappoint! Before going to watch the movie, I forced my friends to watch the entirety of WandaVision to prepare. Then, later that day, we headed to the theater. I have never been to a 4D movie as I said before, but I also had not been to this specific area. It was part of a very nice mall and it was just grand in all aspects (which was a great start to this already anticipated moment).

Moments before greatness ❤

However, before going in to see the movie, I had to get physical copies of everyone’s tickets from my reservation. Side note but not really: it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do any type of reservation or setting up anything dealing with online payment without an Alien Registration Card (ARC), so if you’re planning on coming to Korea, make sure to do it as early as possible (or don’t catch Covid when your school does a group application for foreign students…) But I digress, after getting our tickets, my friends and I decided to try and get snacks which ended up being a lot more hassle than expected. To make a long story short, I went into the movie slightly parched and famished.

THEN, IT WAS TIME!!! We took our seats and I had a seat a little away from my friends because it was one of the only ones that was in the center of the theater (and I was not about to jeopardize my full immersion into this movie). Before the movie started, a trailer for Top Gun came on and I did not expect for the 4D experience to start there. And of ALL movie trailers to play, a movie about flying in airplanes comes on WOW. Turns out, it might have been best that I didn’t get food before.

During the actual movie, there were a lot of moments where the water was utilized from the seats. Also, I knew it was 4D but I didn’t know that meant smell too. I was casually enjoying the movie and suddenly got whipped in the face with an absolute putrid odor which did kind of knock me out of the immersion momentarily. The heat from the back of the seats also kind of threw me for a loop. I haven’t been to any of the rollercoasters here in Korea yet, but I highly doubt they will compare to this experience. As for the movie itself, I was throughly enjoying watching Wanda in every scene she appeared in. I was literally praying at one part of the movie because it was so good (and that’s not a joke, two of my friends caught me in the middle of it).

I loved watching it so much that I went to a different theater 2 days later to watch it again but in 3D this time! #mothernotamonster #whatmouth

But, this is all for my first time watching a 4D movie. I don’t know the next time I’ll have the opportunity or will to see another movie in this format, but I’m glad to say that my first time was in Korea!!! Stay tuned next time where I will talk about my time in Busan with my friends. See you then!

Fun Fact: We left this movie at 1 am after the subway was closed so we had to find a way home. While everyone else took a taxi, me and Hayley got our steps in and walked all the way home. It wasn’t so bad of a walk and only took about an hour to an hour 30 minutes (however this was taking into consideration that we ran off a good 15 mins after hearing a girl yell while we were walking down a long tunnel that was fully white and only had the 2 exits). Nevertheless, we made it!

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