The Penultimate Episode

Hey there, here’s a very quick rundown of how finals’ season went for me in Korea.

First off, I had finals for 3 classes, but 2 of those classes were Korean classes and they split up their exams over multiple day (AGAIN), so it took a while for me to actually finish all of them. My first final was Premodern History, and it wasn’t bad at all. It was open notes, so I made sure to utilize ALL my notes and condensed half a semester into about 5 pages.

Even though the rest of the exams were Korean (which seems like you would actually study more beforehand), I didn’t do much studying if I’m being completely honest. Most days, I was laying in bed feeling the burnout from the semester mixed with the impending doom of having to return home in a week. I continued to procrastinate on studying until about 7pm the day before each exam (probably not the best idea). There were speaking, reading, listening parts and one class had a writing portion as well. Technically, much studying wasn’t needed since you can’t really cram study a language, but I had been skimping on learning vocabulary the 2nd half of the semester so I was a bit scared. However, despite the procrastination and burnt out feeling, I still successfully took the exams and made scores that I am proud of to end the semester.

I have a lot of feelings towards my time in Korea, but I will save that for the last episode. For today, that’ll be all! Very short, simple and to the point. See you next time on the season finale!

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