Granada, Spain: Week 4

Vamos a la playa…

Cadiz photo by Evone’ Garcia

There are many places to travel while in Spain. Granada is a city that is in the Andalucía Region, close to the Moroccan border. While there are beaches that are specifically in Granada or in neighboring city, Malaga. Finding other beaches is all part of the journey and gives you the chance to see other cities. If you are a beach fanatic like I am, then you will find the small beach town called Cadiz, meets your beach expectations. Just a quick bus or train ride away Cadiz is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurants and food is fresh daily from the ocean and this city shares some of the most beautiful sites. I highly recommend to wear a lot of sunscreen when going to the beach as it is easy to get burnt but overall the risk is worth it if you enjoy laying on the beach all day.

Tarifa photo by Evone’ Garcia

The next stops up for discussion in search of beautiful beaches are the ones in Tarifa. Similar to Cadiz, Tarifa borders the Morocco border and if you look in the distance of this picture you can see Africa in the distance. Yes, that is how close the Port of Tarifa is! Another important fact to mention that is difficult to capture in a picture is the color change of the water. The Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Ocean at the middle and creates the most beautiful green and blue mixture, a sight only eyes can see. Tarifa is a city that thrives on its Port, where daily fishing takes place, and a ferry ride to Morocco can occur if you so desire. Although, it is not as easy to come back to Spain from Morocco as it is to arrive, passport regulations are different. It might be best to just see it in the distance unless you know a local from Morocco.

Along my journey of finding beaches in Spain I made a stop in Seville, a city filled with rich history and culture. It is hard to believe that there is a city hotter than Granada but it exists right here in Seville. Temperatures rise higher than 100 degrees and last all through the night in Seville. However, the heat does not matter when there are a number of landmarks that fill the day up while in Sevilla. Setas de Sevilla is truly phenomenal and I highly recommend visiting, it was made to see all of the sights of Seville in one sighting. There is also the Giralda, the Plaza of Seville, Torre de Oro, and numerous art museums that you can visit along the way. Lastly, the Cathedral of Seville is one of the largest in Spain along with the cathedrals in Barcelona and Granada. Honestly this picture does not do this place justice on just how large it is. I highly recommend adding Seville as a part of your trip while in Granada, you can travel via train or bus but the journey is worth it.

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