Getting Some Vitamin Sea- Honolulu and then off to Japan!


Happy Sunday! Today was another amazing day! Rebecca and I only have one class on B days and it’s at 9:30 so we have the whole rest of the day open. I really like having our class at 9:30 because it’s late enough that we can sleep in, but also early enough to get us going. After class, we spent the rest of the day getting some Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea on the back of deck 7; we were out there from 11:00 to 16:00. (We are on military time here.) We spent that time reading for class, laying out, and hanging out with people. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was about 80 degrees, but we had the perfect amount of wind to cool us off. I ended up accidently falling asleep out there and I am now a little sun burnt, but nothing too bad. I can’t believe we will be in Hawaii in one day! I’m super excited to be on land and even more excited to snorkel! Tonight we had a pre-port meeting and they went over all of the dos and don’ts for Hawaii. We will have this meeting every time we are about to port somewhere. In this meeting we will also learn a little bit about the history, customs, and traditions. This Hawaii pre-port meeting was a little bit brief because Hawaii is a U.S. territory and most of us know the customs, but other ports will require longer meetings. I think I’m going to like and find these meeting useful because for some of the ports we are going to I have absolutely no idea what we should and should not be doing in port or anything about some of these cultures for that matter. I’m super excited to dock at our first port in just one day and can’t wait for everything to come.

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