Lagos to MEM, MEM to NJ, NJ to Berlin



My name is Peter Ogunniran. I come from Nigeria. I had my B.A in European Studies (German) and I am currently studying for Masters in Modern Languages at Ole Miss.

Right now, I am an exchange student at the University of Potsdam, Germany. I am in the 2nd semester of my graduate studies. This makes me (and probably the only one on this blog) an International student in two locations, Ole Miss and in Germany. Yaah!

As fate would have it, before arriving in Germany, I met some exchange students from this University last year at Ole Miss (Andy and Sarah). It was very easy to blend into this environment with their help. Having shared at a mutual location together with Sarah and Andy, it was easy for them to assist me with tips they knew I could use in Germany.

The University of Potsdam is located just 25 Minutes from Berlin. And with my student ID Card, I make use of the Public transport in Potsdam, Brandenburg and the entire German capital of Berlin. Yes! You heard me. It is 100% free transportation for me. Some students even live in Berlin and come to school in Potsdam.

I tell you more; I can also travel to Poland, being a neighboring country close to Germany with my student ID, 100% free. Of course, I already did visit Poland once.

The University of Potsdam is such a beautiful one! It has 3 Campuses, Babelsberg /Griebnitzsee, Golm and Neues Palais. I have all my classes at the most beautiful of the three campuses, Neues Palais. I personally find it so beautiful. Some part of this campus is located in historical buildings named as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. I know seeing is believing, so I have some pictures already!

Neues Palais, where I have my classes is very close to Park Sansoucci, a huge park which contains the Palace Sanssouci, where the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great lived.

I have been to Berlin several times, but I have not toured the beautiful city as much as I want. Germany has a lot of beauties that will simply keep you awed!

My upcoming posts will talk about very interesting things, places and activities I have been up to.


Andy and I in Poland after crossing the bridge over the Oder river in Frankfurt an der Oder
Margo and I in Berlin. Margo is also a grad student from the University of Texas at Austin.
Andy studied last Fall as an exchange student at Olemiss.
The background is a part of the Berlin Wall covered with graffiti
Campus Neues Palais
Campus Neues Palais
One of the buildings inside Park Sanssouci


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