Harry Potter, Hikes, and…Soccer?


When you study abroad, one of the best things that happens is that you make friends who live in your host country, and one of the best things about studying abroad in England is that no matter where they live, they don’t really live that far from your uni.


One of my last days in England, my friend John let me, and two other friends come and visit him for the day up in Gloucester (pronounced Gloster). Now, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, or even just someone who’s seen all the films, you’ll know exactly how I felt when I found out that Gloucester Cathedral, where Henry III was crowned way back in the 13th century, is also the same exact cathedral where part of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was filmed. Yes, THE hallway where it was announced that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened and Mrs. Norris was found in a less than satisfactory condition. I got the chance, and you can too, to stand in this exact hallway for absolutely no cost as the cathedral is open to the public.


After I’d done my fair share of freaking out, and we played a bit of dress up in the interactive part of the cathedral, we headed to an arboretum for a picnic and a hike out in the countryside of Gloucestershire (the county where Gloucester sits). With a treetop walkway and a beautiful scenic view, it was the perfect place to eat a lunch and just take the afternoon to relax. We stayed at there arboretum for about 2 hours before loading back up in the car and driving the 30 minutes back to John’s house where his mom cooked us a delicious Sunday roast, a British classic.


Once we’d indulged ourselves on roast and pavlova, we headed back into town to watch the first match of the World Cup that England played in. We watched it in a cute English pub, getting the full experience with pints and angry football fans shouting at the telly. Luckily for us, and the country, England won (say adios to that cup Tunisia) and we left the pub feeling happy and very patriotic for our host country.


All in all, Gloucester was a cute town that I will definitely be visiting again in my future.

Until next time,

Xx Bee

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