Morocco: The Best 10 Things I Packed


1. The Sandals

These deserve to go first because I love them so much.

  • They’re Skechers (easy on the wallet)
  • They feel like a yoga mat
  • They’re light
  • I can work for 8 hours or walk for 12 hours in them
  • They match everything
  • Airport security is a breeze!
still skky
I <3 these silly sandals

2. The Hand Wipes / Makeup Wipes

Sometimes GermX just doesn’t cut it, and sometimes you don’t feel like washing your face after a long day of travel.

3. The Real Pillow

My mom gave me a MyPillow Roll N Go as a gift right before I left, and I’ve been so thankful for it. When I’m feeling homesick, something as simple as having a pillow that feels the same as my one at home is comforting. As the name suggests, I just roll it N go.


4. My Watercolor Set

I’ve made some great little memories painting on the train, on the beach, and by the poolside. If you stay somewhere long enough, you’ll have time to relax and wish you had something familiar to do. Next time I would also bring my favorite book for when I’m bored, because even a travel watercolor set doesn’t compare to the convenience of a paperback.

5. The Water Bottle

Having this universal LifeStraw water filter is one of the best things I’ve packed. You can stick it straight into your CamelBak bottle. I’ve saved money by drinking the tap water at home and at hostels, and I like to think I postponed illnesses. My host parents had actually been giving me tap water for weeks before I knew it, but it still makes me feel better to know my water is extra clean.

The universal cap fits my CamelBak bottle!

6. Random Bags

I’ve been glad I brought all four extra bags (in addition to my big suitcase) that I did:

  • Backpack
  • Little Tote: 10/10 recommend Baggu bags for all of your reusable tote needs. Sometimes it’s a lunch bag, sometimes it’s a purse, but it’ll always save you an extra 10 cents at the grocery store.
  • Small Purse
  • Duffel: I stuffed an empty duffel into my suitcase, and on the way home I’ll be using it for gifts and souvenirs that don’t fit.

7. Medicine

No matter how strong you are, your stomach will not like Morocco if you stay here long enough. If your mom tells you to bring the Pepto-Bismol, bring the Pepto-Bismol.

8. Travel Adapter

I almost neglected to bring one of these, then someone let me borrow theirs! I would rank it as essential for obvious reasons.

bonus: two USB ports + a front means three people can charge at once!

9. Warm Pajamas

If you’ve made it this far, I trust you enough to tell you that I slept in thermals in June in Morocco for the first two weeks. I get cold really easily, and having long pajamas was a good decision for myself! Trust the weather channel and your personal preferences.

10. Friends

If at all possible, bring the people who will help you make the sweetest, funniest memories and who will brighten your days of homesickness.

traveling by camelback in the Sahara


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