England: Easter Break Activities


Since we get the whole month of April off at the University of Leeds, April is a great time to travel, go to events, and have fun without having to worry too much about school work!

Harry Potter filming site in Durham!

As soon as break started, my friends and I went on a trip to explore some Harry Potter filming locations around England (basically a requirement for me as a big Harry Potter fan haha)!

Alnwick Castle is a location where they filmed the Quidditch scenes!

We also went on a trip to London! We went to some of the famous spots like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben (which was under construction, so we didn’t see much), and Camden Market (which I loved!).

The London Eye

I also went to two concerts! One of the concerts was an ATEEZ (K-pop) concert in London, and another one was a Shawn Mendes concert in Leeds. I was so excited about this because I’ve only ever been to one concert in my life, and I loved it! I’m from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and not many artists perform there, so I was so happy to be in a location where I can see my favorite artists!

Shawn Mendes!!

I also went to a rugby game! I definitely recommend going to a sporting event abroad to see how it compares to the states! I am a fan of football (soccer), so I really wanted to go to a football game here, but it is so hard to find tickets! My friends and I have all tried to get tickets, and none of us were able to, but maybe we just don’t know how to search correctly haha. Anyways, I found out about a rugby game, and I got tickets! I really enjoyed the game!

At the rugby match with Lucy and Kyra!

Our team is called the Leeds Rhinos which I think is an adorable name, not to mention very fitting for a game where they basically charge into the opposing players! I didn’t know much about rugby before this game, but it seems pretty similar to American football. They have a cool team song, fun cheers, and passionate fans (lol the guy next to me periodically called out “hoorah!!” which I never actually hear people use in real life, but it was great haha). Overall, it was a great experience, and I would love to go to another game!

At the rugby match!

So far, the month of April has been great! And hopefully, I will be able to do some more traveling before I leave Leeds! Thank you for reading!


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