South Korea: Trip to Busan!


Hello! This weekend I was in Busan, so for this blog post, I will write about my first day in Busan!

My friend and I took the KTX train to Busan. At first, we were nervous because we read that we had to print out our passes for the train and had no idea where to do it, but you don’t actually need to print your tickets. Just in case, I would screenshot them, but no one even asked us for our tickets. We just got on the train, went to our seats, and rode all the way to Busan with no problems!

With our friend from Busan!!

As soon as we arrived in Busan, I could smell the ocean, so that made me really happy. However, there was a bit of a downer to our trip. The weekend we went to Busan, there was a typhoon there! Haha, my friend said we brought the rainy English weather with us to Busan (we studied abroad in England before coming to Korea). At first, I was really sad about the weather being so gloomy because it was my first time in Busan, and I was so excited about being there! However, despite the weather, I had a great time! Haha, actually, maybe the crazy weather made it more fun because with wind and rain came cooler weather and funny experiences.

When my friends and I stepped outside of the restaurant we were eating at, we got hit by very fast winds! Everyone’s umbrellas were getting destroyed by the wind and even people were getting blown away! This might not sound like a fun experience, but it was honestly really hilarious. Everyone around us (us included) were laughing at the craziness of the situation with people, their hats, and their umbrellas flying everywhere.

After the weather calmed down a little bit, we walked along the beach and looked at the bridge that was lit up with beautiful lights. For some reason, my friend and I decided we wanted to touch the Busan water, so we were waiting for the waves to come up to us, but the waves kept on coming up too short until one caught us by surprise and got our clothes and shoes soaked!! Both of us only brought one pair of shoes to Busan!! Oh well, at least we can say we enjoyed the Busan water while we were there, haha!!

The beach near where we stayed!

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