SUMMER IN SALERNO: week 1 recap (part 2)

Welcome all to the part 2 of my week 1 recap! I finally feel like I have a footing in this beautiful city. Here time runs a little differently, and everywhere I go is on foot. Every time I go out it seems as if I find another new restaurant or shop that I just need to pop into! Luckily some instructors at our school gave me pointers on where to find the best gelato spot in town, and I’ll tell you that it lives up to its reputation. Nettuno Gelateria has got some of the best sweets in town, and that’s coming from a girl that normally eats ice cream almost every night (I like to consider myself somewhat of an ice cream connoisseur). Down below you’ll find the first of many flavor combos I’ve tried while staying here. Insider tip: go for the “cookies” flavor and you will NOT be disappointed. Think cookies and cream but with handmade gelato and authentic chocolate Italian butter cookies. Absolutely to die for.

Limon and Frutti di Bosco (red berries) gelato from Nettuno Gelateria!

Some other honorable food mentions include Paccheria Allo Scarpariello (pasta made with tomatoes, basil, and cheese) and a panini as big as my head from a local butcher just down the street from our school with the sweetest owner you’ll ever meet! Lucky for my roommate and I, our host mom is a chef at the place we got pasta from here in town, so you know the pasta was delish (even if she did call us children for only wanting to eat one course for dinner)! And for the panini, the mouthwatering combination of freshly sliced prosciutto, mozzarella di bufalo, ripe tomatoes, and arugula will definitely have me coming back for more! Oh and did I mention that that entire sandwich was less than 5 Euros total! You just can’t beat the food scene here in Salerno!


Ok that’s enough food talk for now, I’m making myself hungry! This past Saturday our study abroad group got the chance to venture into Amalfi for a day filled with a visit to the Duomo di Amalfi, a glimpse into the ancient art of handmaking paper, and lots of shopping!!!

Amalfi Coast views!

It’s hard to believe that places like this actually exist and that I am fortunate enough to be able to experience them first hand! For someone that’s never traveled outside of North America, to say I was awestruck is an understatement. Pro tip for traveling to the Amalfi Coast on a hot summer day: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! This Italian sun is no joke and I have the sunburns to prove it!


I’m gonna wrap up this past with the conclusion of our week on Sunday, when Italy faced off against England in the Euro Final 2021. Now this was one of the craziest sporting events I have ever gotten to experience, and trust me when I say that I’ve been to a lot. Italian football (aka soccer) is no light hearted matter here and the pride the Italians have for their country speaks for itself. After downing one of the best Margherita pizzas I’ve had so far from Salerno Centro Pizza Gourmet (I know I said I would stop with the food, but I just couldn’t help myself), we watched the game with eager anticipation as to how the night would end knowing chaos would ensue regardless of the outcome. Italy wins! And the town goes absolutely CRAZY! Fireworks, confetti, air horns, and lots of screaming later I was finally able to go to bed at around 3am! A little sleep lost for a memory that will last a lifetime!

Pre-game festivities with friends!
Best Margherita Pizza I’ve eaten so far!

That’s all for this post! I cannot wait to continue sharing all the fun things I’m getting the opportunity to experience while I’m here!

Ciao a tutti!


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