The city of Amalfi is overrated, but not the Amalfi Coast.

Ciao! My name is Summer and welcome back to my adventures on the Amalfi Coast. While spending most of my time in Salerno, Italy, we go on excursions to different cities along the coast every few days. This past week was the city of Amalfi, I know right, you’ve heard that word many times before I’m betting. Yes, Amalfi is one of the most popular and well-known spots. Amalfi is a tiny city with a lot of personalities but also a lot of tourist traps. The city is not even a mile or two long in each direction and only has lemons as its main attraction. For me, I love going to explore the city for what it is behind all the tourist spots yet this one didn’t have a single nice area that I could just getaway. Apart from the yummy sorbetto al limone which is so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. This sorbet comes in an actual lemon, and you just walk around with it, looking all tourist-like. This city for me just screams money trap. As much as I enjoyed the city for the beautiful Duomo, fountains, and beach; it still wasn’t enough to capture my interest enough to ever return again. If you do not like going to touristy areas, maybe try exploring Minori, Salerno, or even Positano. All of these cities have plenty for you to explore and have a genuine time getting lost in the atmosphere. Well, that is all I have for this week until next week. Arrivederci!

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