Arriving in London!


I arrived in London on May 19th, so just about over a week ago. Once I arrived I was super overwhelmed, excited, happy, and nervous. One tip to help you get adjusted to the time difference is to make sure you stay up at least to 8 pm so then you can adjust easily. Once arriving, I had to get all of my clothes, internship, classes, and more prepared for the rest of the trip. As well, my program had set up an orientation and exploring for the weekend. As exploring the city going to the London Eye, Big Ben, Bath, and Stonehenge I have learned so much about the culture. First, Big Ben is actually the bell of the vast monument, and the actual tower is called Elizabeth Tower! Another thing I learned very quickly is that the citizens of London are always on the go and trying to get to a place as soon as possible. So with that being said, on the escalators, you must stand to the right in order for people to pass you. If you don’t stand the right you will obviously stand out! One thing that I am pretty proud of is learning how to use the tube and the buses here! We received an Oyster Card which can you get around the city on the Tube and the buses. The first time or two, we did get on the wrong tube since it can be confusing not coming from a place that uses public transportation as much. I finally can say that I am confident riding tube! London is such a great city it has so many great restaurants to wear it is hard to decide even where to go to eat. I am beyond excited to keep learning more and more about this culture and this country.

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