Special Episode: Chaos


Coming to you live from a bus in Jeju~~~~ Jacqueline Hibbard!!!! *appropriate theme music ensues*

You know those time when you have all the control in the world but also none what so ever? Well that’s where I am. We are in the final countdown, with just about three weeks left of our stay. This also means that finals are coming up and coming rather quickly. My assignments seem to be piling up and I have a group project that is to be presented on the 13th – we have yet to decide a topic.

The moon above the ECC

But of course these assignments are never the things I choose to do (obviously… I’m on a bus heading to the other side of an island for gods sake… till Tuesday may I add). Recently we have all been feeling very burnt out with school and life has been kind of wild. I feel like I’ve been running and doing and going for weeks now – because I have… and it’s taking its toll. Nevertheless, Manny and I are blaming it all on Mercury being in retrograde the past month… we digress.

Flowers on the way to the dorm

If you insist on understanding the chaos of which my life has been please follow closely as I can assure you that it seems like nothing to an outsider. But to me it has been everything.

To start, mine and Manny’s friends Sarah and Katie came to visit Korea a little over two weeks ago. It was great having them here. But this led to many a late nights and going out together. On top of this, I was still meeting all my friends in Korea, planning for the trip we are currently on, and trying to make the most of the time we have left. You see that’s the thing… we’ve been trying to cram in things we have yet to do or see. But with conflicting schedules, multiple friend groups, and a large number of people, this is never easy.

But I also can’t ignore the number of hours I spent laying in bed doing absolutely nothing. But what do you expect when you barely average four hours of sleep a night though you’re used to at least six? Also take into account that my social battery lasts about as long as a child’s patience… so not long.

Then, Hayley went on a trip during the beginning of this week and left me to my own devices for the first time since I arrived. I was excited for the alone time, but I soon realized it was my first time to be alone since I arrived. At this point Sarah and Katie were in Busan, my friends had other plans, and people weren’t visiting as much (cause idk if y’all know but everyone just comes to my room… this is the only way I see people generally). So I was truly alone. I didn’t leave my room for anything but my 8am class for two days… The third day I took a long trip to Gyeongi-do to go to a cafe that ended up being closed because it was voting day. Nearly 4 hours later I returned home – and that was just travel. That night I went out with friends again (I never claimed to make good decisions).

Sunset view from the ECC

Now we are in present time. I am in Jeju, an island of Korea. It’s a holiday, so I don’t have class Monday. But we couldn’t get a flight back until Tuesday. That will be interesting as I have two classes that day. I also have homework to do today. I have been up since 2am. I went to sleep at 1am after watching the three hour finale of Queendom 2 live – Loona came in second but destroyed the stage they deserve the world and I can’t wait to see the in concert in the states… hopefully I can get the tickets…. Needless to say there was a rollercoaster of emotions happening since early this morning.

Let’s return to the point of this post… time is running out. Everyday I can’t wait to be home, but each day I want to leave less and less. We know it’s my favorite thing to say and here it is… it’s a strange balance. But I don’t planning on stopping anytime soon. I’m gonna a continue running, as it seems I have no other options – also god I need to actually start running… and working out… yeah, I never did that. Oh also, I need to figure out how I’m gonna get everything home… a problem for another time obviously.

Okay dudes and dudettes. Thank you for tuning into what has basically become a stream of consciousness. If it’s bad… blame it on the lack of sleep. If you enjoy it let me know, boost my ego I eat that up lol. Anyway, I shall be back soon with an actually update of my happenings as per usual. It will be mid finals probably but we shall see. Kk peace out!!!!

*closing theme music*

For fun:

^^^Check out this old playlist of mine that I have revisited and edited. For it has been keeping me going these past few days :)))

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