You should get away (to another place)

Da da da! Another installment of my life in Korea. Today is a dual episode of my trip to Busan and Jeju (a very unfortunate trip but more on that later).

First, Busan! Busan was such a different experience from Seoul and it was so crazy to see it up close. When we got there, we went to a really nice cafe and spent a LONG time there (even took a nap or two). Then, we got on a cable car that took us to this mountain area with a hiking trail that led to the water. Don’t ask me why, but it was a mission for me to touch Busan water so this was a must. Proof below.

The next day was the best as we went to the culture village and beach. I didn’t know what to expect from the culture village, but I thought it was going to be a very historic area more so like a museum. However, it was so much to do there. There were a bunch of vendors, beautiful sights, and delicious places to eat. Then, we headed to Haeundae Beach which I believe is my first time going to the beach or at least a real one. Words can’t even describe how grand this beach was (even though I’m about to describe it using words right now). There were so many people and street vendors nearby that you could eat at. On the actual beach, there were some very large-scale sand sculptures and even one of Mount Rushmore with the presidents carved into it quite accurately. I didn’t really dress to get in the water, nor were there many people in the water anyway, but I did again touch the water, this time with my toes (no free pics of that because that would cost a fee). The clouds were blocking the sun so it wasn’t very sunny, but I didn’t have a problem with that as I hate when it’s too sunny or hot. Overall, for a first time at the beach, I would rate it 8 sandy toes out of 10.

The three of us bought heart glasses at Daiso ❤️

On the last day, Hayley and I decided to go on a separate adventure to the citizen park for her foot fetish (more details coming soon). To frame this picture for you, anytime me and Hayley hang out, chaos ensues in all forms. We barely made it to the park after trying to navigate and once we made it there, we walked for a long time trying to find this attraction located in the park. After FINALLY finding it, I can’t lie, I was a bit thrown off. It was an imprint of where one of the BTS members stood, but there was no special marking or tape or fencing. However, I was there to support my friend and her interests so I was happy for her (and her feet) 🙂 After that, we walked around for a bit before deciding to get food (yet another chaotic event). Hayley and I get second hand embarrassment very easily and also are terrified to speak Korean to restaurant workers and not understand what they say. With that in mind, imagine how it goes when we see two Korean couples get told “죄송하지만 (I’m sorry but) blah blah blah”. We EXPEDITIOUSLY darted in the opposite direction! After walking around the same place for about 30 minutes, we just decided to get Baskin-Robbins and call it a day. Another thing is we mainly utilize ordering machines when we go places so we choose places that have them. It was still a very memorable experience though and plenty of laughs were had, so I enjoyed it. After we finished there, it was time for us all to meet again and get on the flight back to Seoul.

Now… for Jeju YAYYYY….😐 Even though we spent a longer time in Jeju, I will only allow it one paragraph worth of my time. Jeju seems to be popular because many places in Korea don’t really have beaches as well as the niche places there. Other than that, there were a bunch of cafes, museums, oranges, waterfalls, and very aggressive mosquitoes (like A LOT OF THEM). My highlights were the Hello Kitty Museum, Green Tea Museum, and my bed. Also, we lived in a hostel which I had never heard of before. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I had to live with 7 other men whom I knew nothing about… Moving on from that, the Hello Kitty Museum was really cute and the cafe had some tasty foods. The Green Tea Museum wasn’t very big as far as things being shown, but the food and drinks made up for it. Other places we visited were a really nice Starbucks, waterfall, Grimm Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, and Chocolate Museum (do you see a pattern yet?) To top the whole trip off, Michelle and I cried in a McDonald’s the night before leaving because we missed Seoul so much and were so ready to get back. The End.

And that’s a wrap on my travels to other places while staying in Korea. My time here is very limited and it’s getting quite bittersweet the more I think about it. My last blog post will take place on the flight back home in which I will have plenty, PLENTY of time to reflect on my journey as I will be flying for over a day 🙂 Anyway, catch you next time!

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