Granada, Spain: Week 3

Tapas, tapas, and more tapas…

Before coming to Spain I knew that “tapas” were going to be a popular part of Spain’s culture. What exactly are tapas? They are small potions or snack sized foods primarily made with Iberian ingredients like tuna, potatoes, pork, etc… Examples of typical Spanish tapas include: croquetas, bread paired with different sauces, patatas bravas, and patatas con huevo. This is just to list a few of my favorites! However, what makes tapas so special is the comeraderity they symbolize from one person to another. Socializing and eating out are important to Spanish people, they take pride in talking with family while enjoying great comfort food. While tapas are in every city of Spain, Granada is particularly special because they are free with the purchase of a drink. Yes, I said FREE! In any case most drinks are no more than two or three dollars and most restaurants allow you choose two or three tapas to try while at enjoying company. After the hours of 2pm-4pm, commonly known as “siesta” time, tapas bars are opened and stay open usually into the later hours. Tapa bars are also available before these hours too. I recently traveled to other cities in Andalucía; Tarifa, Cadiz, and Sevilla. These cities have the same tapas as Granada, some places might have different options than others but you will have to pay for them in addition to a drink. The price will run you a couple of dollars but the tradition is the same in any city you visit. To enjoy traditional Spanish food with family and friends. Some locals agree that tapas were invented as the “boost” needed before dinner enjoying Spanish nightlife as meal times are different in Spain than the United States. A typical meal schedule could look like this in Spain: breakfast usually 7am to 10am, lunch is 2pm-3pm, tapas around 7pm to 9pm, and dinner 10pm-11pm this is subject to change based on personal preference of course. Moral of the story, if you want tapas they will be there and I highly recommend trying all the varieties Granada has to offer FREE of charge.

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